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KATE BOW - Named after our very own tween drama queen, Sara Kate, this bow is a Royal Mae Co. original design.  With three layers of fun, it is such a stand out piece.  This hand sewn bow is constructed out several sizes of ribbon and is approximately 5" in size.   An alligator clip {with teeth} is attached.  

MINI REMIE - Named after our very own drama queen, Remie Claire, this bow is a crowd favorite.  This hand sewn, hand tied bow is constructed out of 1.5" ribbon and is approximately 3" in size!  A regular alligator clip {no teeth} is attached!      

BOW TIE - Silly boys, bow ties are for GIRLS!  Originally and formally known as a TOT, we decided we'd start calling it exactly what it is - a Bow Tie.  Whether you have a newborn, a small bow lover, tomboy or tween, they are sure to make a statement while wearing one of these perfectly sized beauties.  This hand sewn bow is constructed out of 2.25" ribbon and is approximately 3" in size.  A longer, regular alligator clip {no teeth} is attached!  

OVERSIZED BOW TIE - When our classic bow tie isn't big enough, it is time for an upgrade.  This hand sewn bow is constructed out of 3" ribbon and is approximately 4" in size.  A longer, regular alligator clip {no teeth} is attached!

CLAIRE - Are you obsessed with pigtails but you aren't crazy about her wearing two bows, the Claire is calling {her} name.  Throw it in front of a single pony or pigtail for a fun, unique look.  Our Claire Bow is made up of a Pinwheel Bow front and a Bow Tie back topped off with our signature knot!   It may be small, but oh how it makes a statement.

MINI SET - Two bows are better than one! If {she} likes to rock pigtail braids, double bubble braids, or any other double pony hair style, the MINI SET is IT. Our Mini Set consists of two 3.5" bows.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Each bow has a black seamless elastic pony "O" attached.   

 CLASSIC BOWS - Our boutique styled bows are offered in five sizes.  Our 3" classic is made up of 1.5" ribbon and is what we consider "doll sized".  This is a great option for a newborn.  4" Reg. is made up of 1.5" ribbon.  Our 4" LiL' Jumbo, 5" Jumbo, and 6" Jumbo are made up of 2.25" ribbon.  Lastly, our newest size, the 7" Mighty, is made up of 3" ribbon.  An alligator clip {WITH teeth} is attached.  These hand sewn bows are uniquely our own due to three factors:

1.  Our infamous flap up in the back gives the bow a fuller, and unique look!  Before Pamela Marshall introduced a "flap up" bow style, bows were always sewn with no ends visible or the end was cut down and usually worn with a slant in the front. Now, we have started a trend.  Everybody is doing it.  Just know we were "the originals".  

2.  The cut.  These bows are cut with just the right amount of length on the flap and heat sealed perfectly to prevent fraying.  Leaving too much length on the flap, looks silly and it may cause the flap to fall forward.  Not enough length makes the bow look like it's missing something.        

3. The knot.  Ours are perfectly proportionate and just plain PRETTY!  

DOUBLE - If your a #bowbiggohome type of girl, then we have something for you!  Our double is a unique, one of a kind creation you can only find here at Royal Mae Co.  Offered in a 5" size, these hand sewn doubles are a showstopper!  Oh, and our double {the original #doubleup} has a unique, ONE OF A KIND, no one else out there has done it, unique spin that will sure satisfy your BIG BOW obsession.


Though we are often imitated, we are never duplicated because no one can make a bow like Pamela Marshall can.  Our Motto: 

"If you want to be original, be ready to be copied". - Coco Chanel